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Leading Online Accountants Urge SMEs to Be On the Ball with Finances This Christmas

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Magic Accounts, online accountants serving SMEs across the country, are encouraging the owners of small businesses to be extra vigilant about their financial duties over the Christmas season, as the workload increases dramatically and some businesses owners find it hard to remain organised. Whether by dedicating a set time in the day to sorting out […]

SMEs with One Employee Should Outsource Their Accounting and Bookkeeping


According to SAGE, 500,000 new businesses are started in the UK every year, and three out of every four have just one employee. 99.9% of all enterprises in Britain are small businesses, which begs the question: who is taking care of the accounts within these businesses? A huge number of these businesses have just one […]

Online Accounting Service Puts A Stop To Small Business Worries

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Online accountancy service Magic Accounts is helping to put an end to the financial worries that plague many small business owners attempting to go it alone. Statistics show that 50% of small businesses worry about making a mistake when calculating tax payments, and 20% of these businesses experience some difficult in figuring out how much […]

Top Five Tax Errors for Freelancers

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The Boox Report, a comprehensive analysis of the UK’s self-employed workforce, has revealed the top five tax errors committed by those who are in charge of their own business finances. 42% of those who work as freelance contractors manage all of their work finances themselves, and the survey found that of those who have taken […]

Don’t Succumb to Poor Finance Management


Magic Accounts, a leading online accountancy service, is aiming to decrease the number of businesses in the UK which succumb to poor finance management and fail within their first few years of operation. It is a widely stated fact that the most common reason for small business failure is poor finance management, with the most […]

The Benefits of a Fixed-Fee Accountancy Service

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Fixed-fee accountancy services are a one-stop shop for businesses who need a comprehensive and unlimited service. Where traditional accountants might charge erratically and inconsistently depending on how much time they spent on a certain client’s account within a certain period, fixed-fee accountancy firms charge a set amount for all businesses; a policy which has a […]