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Online Accountancy Service Urges Freelancers To Verify Their IR35 Compliance

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Magic Accounts, a leading online accountancy service for freelancers and contractors, has urged all those who operate through a Limited Company to ensure they remain on the right side of the law with regards to tax, as it emerges that HMRC are increasing the number of IR35 compliance checks they carry out. Bloosmbury Professional revealed […]

Time Is A Business’ Most Valuable Asset, Say SME Owners

Time - A valuable commodity

What is the most valuable asset for a modern-day SME owner? Is it their gleaming office or shop floor? Their behind-the-scenes technology and computer systems? Their ability to negotiate with other businesses and clients? A survey has shown that the most valuable asset is none of these things. It turns out that time the asset […]

Small Business Owners: Burning the Candle at Both Ends?

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Hiring a part-time accountancy service to take responsibility for the books and accounts of a small business can significantly help to reduce stress and free up time for owners to concentrate on running their organisation. Research has found that 25% of small business owners feel overwhelmed with the running of their own business at times, […]

Business Tax for Part-Time Start-Ups

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When setting up a business for the first time, many people choose to stay in their full-time job as a safety net in this volatile economy. The increase in online businesses has also meant that people can run a business from their home as a part-time venture. But what are the tax implications of this? […]

Top Bookkeeping Mistakes Made By SMEs

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Poor financial management is one of the leading causes of business failure within the first five years of their start-up. Many small businesses make bookkeeping errors and costly mistakes, or they simply neglect to give their books the attention that they need, meaning they lose track of their finances and eventually, lose control of their […]