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Time Is A Business’ Most Valuable Asset, Say SME Owners

Time - A valuable commodity

What is the most valuable asset for a modern-day SME owner? Is it their gleaming office or shop floor? Their behind-the-scenes technology and computer systems? Their ability to negotiate with other businesses and clients? A survey has shown that the most valuable asset is none of these things. It turns out that time the asset […]

SMEs Want More Technological Engagement from their Accountants

Mobility, business and finance concept

A recent survey by SAGE, one of the industry leaders in all things accounting, has revealed that 39% of small business owners would like their accountants to utilise technology more effectively in order to stay in contact. The ‘Pulse Survey 2013’ was undertaken to explore the relationship between accountants and their clients, and almost 4 in […]

Minimise Tax Liability with Online Accountants


A Small Business Tax Action Report from 2012 estimated that UK companies would pay around £7 billion more in taxes than they really needed to. Divided up, this can be a huge sum for the companies who are struggling to find the capital they need to maintain a healthy cash flow, pay all the bills […]