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Time Is Money: Management Tips To Help Your Finances

Time Is Money

Time Is Money: Management Tips To Help Your Finances The accomplished team at Magic Accounts knows how hard it is to manage your business’ finances and make room for anything else, especially if you are a start-up. Staying on top of your bookkeeping tasks and having a clear report of your cash flow will make […]

Expert Online Accountants Urge Businesses to Brush Up on Auto-Enrolment – Before They Face a Penalty

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The expert team at online accountancy service Magic Accounts are encouraging all businesses to brush up on their understanding of auto-enrolment, and to implement any necessary changes, before they are hit with serious penalties that could affect their bottom line dramatically. The new legislation, which has made it compulsory for every employer to automatically enrol […]

Rise of the Self-Employed Has Implications for Tax: Magic Accounts Offers Advice To Freelancers

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Magic Accounts, a leading online accountancy service in the Midlands, is urging Britain’s freelance and self-employed population to be aware of their tax obligations, as it emerges that the number of people registered as self-employed in the UK has soared over the past five years. Around 3.8 million people were registered as self-employed in 2008, […]

Intuit Accountancy Report Has Pronounced Implications for Accountants and SMEs


A report tracking the shifts and upcoming trends in the world of accountancy has revealed some interesting ideas about where the future of SME accounting lies: in part-time, online accounting services with remote cloud access and flexibility a key aspect. Intuit’s ‘Future of Accounting 2013’ report reveals that the way accountancy practices function, and attitudes […]

Leading Online Accountants Urge SMEs to Be On the Ball with Finances This Christmas

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Magic Accounts, online accountants serving SMEs across the country, are encouraging the owners of small businesses to be extra vigilant about their financial duties over the Christmas season, as the workload increases dramatically and some businesses owners find it hard to remain organised. Whether by dedicating a set time in the day to sorting out […]

Online Accountants Offer Advice to SMEs Attempting to Avoid Late Payment Culture

Late payment tips from online accountants

In conjunction with a new EU directive aiming to avoid payment mishaps and deal with the effects of late payments for SMEs, one of the UK’s leading online accountants is urging all business owners to take a stand against the ‘late payment culture’ which has swept the nation and threatened hundreds of businesses. Magic Accounts […]

Online Accountancy Service Urges Freelancers To Verify Their IR35 Compliance

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Magic Accounts, a leading online accountancy service for freelancers and contractors, has urged all those who operate through a Limited Company to ensure they remain on the right side of the law with regards to tax, as it emerges that HMRC are increasing the number of IR35 compliance checks they carry out. Bloosmbury Professional revealed […]

SMEs with One Employee Should Outsource Their Accounting and Bookkeeping


According to SAGE, 500,000 new businesses are started in the UK every year, and three out of every four have just one employee. 99.9% of all enterprises in Britain are small businesses, which begs the question: who is taking care of the accounts within these businesses? A huge number of these businesses have just one […]

Why Should SMEs Embrace Cloud Accounting?

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The International Data Association believes that 50% of all SMEs will be using cloud accounting methods by 2016. The online method, which allows businesses to track all of their expenses, conduct detailed reports, interact with qualified accountants if necessary and manage their taxes, is widely anticipated to be the future of all accounting processes in […]

Time Is A Business’ Most Valuable Asset, Say SME Owners

Time - A valuable commodity

What is the most valuable asset for a modern-day SME owner? Is it their gleaming office or shop floor? Their behind-the-scenes technology and computer systems? Their ability to negotiate with other businesses and clients? A survey has shown that the most valuable asset is none of these things. It turns out that time the asset […]